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About Us

shakti: power, empowerment; divine creative energy

Established in 2005, Shaktea has become one of Vancouver's trusted sources for high-end loose leaf teas. Our collection has been selected based directly on the influences of our many travels and time spent with mentors and tea experts from around the world, who have generously taken their time to educate us and deepen our appreciation for the art of tea. We offer a diverse selection of teas and tisanes from prestigious regions of China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Africa, and Nepal, including organic, biodynamic, and fair-trade selections. We make it a priority to travel throughout the year to different tea-producing countries to seek out new and exciting teas, new technology, and new knowledge for our specialty.

Shaktea is an owner-operated establishment that employs a staff of dedicated tea aficionados with a passion and pride for the products we serve - so whether you're catching up with a friend over a pot of tea or grabbing a chai for the hectic day ahead, you'll know that there's quality in every cup.

Our first home, located in the heart of Main Street, felt like the neighbourhood’s living room - it was a cozy little community and we can’t wait to make new memories in our new shop on Cambie!

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