November 12, 2014

Christmas is coming up….

October 16, 2014

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend Vancouver! Shaktea will be closed Monday, see you all next week :)


Assam Dirial:

Assam Doomni:

Assam Hazel bank:

Ceylon Kenilworth:

Darjeeling Makaibari:

Darjeeling Margarets Hope:

English Breakfast:

Five O’Clock Blend:

Kenya Milima:

Main Street Breakfast:

Nepal Mist Valley:

Nepal Guranse:

Sikkim Temi:


Coconut Cream Chai Organic:

Rooibos Chai Masala (Caffeine-free):

Shaktea Signature Chai Organic:

Scented Black

Caramel Cream:

Coconut Black Organic:

Cream Assam:

Cream Earl Gray:

Dream of Coffee Pu’er:

Earl Grey Pu’er:

Earl Grey Special:

French Earl Grey:

Gingerbread Pu’er:

Lapsang Souchong Organic:



Winter Spice:

Green Tea

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven:

Japanese Sencha:

Precious Eyebrow (Chun Mee):

Shaktea Fine Green:

Pearl Jasmine: 50/100g

Scented Green

Desert Blossom:

Gojiberry Sencha:

Japanese Cherry:

Jasmine With Flowers **Organic:

Morning Dew:

Moroccan Mint:

Pear Green:

Blossoming Pearl: per pearl

Tsuen Teas

Yuki Genmaicha Organic: 50/100g

Yuki Houjicha Organic: 50/100g

Yuki Sencha Organic: 50/100g

Premium Matcha (Myoraku): 50g

Stoneground Matcha Organic: 30g

Rooibos (Caffeine-free)

African Dream:

Blueberry Yogurt:


Chocolate Mint:

Cinnamon Blend Organic:

Earl Grey:

Hazelnut Chocolate:


Mount Pleasant Sunset:

Original Rooibos Organic:

Parisian Red Organic:

Pumpkin Spice:


Raspberry Vanilla:

Zesty Lime Green Organic:

Honeybush (Caffeine-free)

Cinnamon Plum:

Ginger Pear:


Original Honeybush:

Sun and Fruit:


Herbal and Floral (Caffeine-free)

Alpine Blend:


Ginger Lemon:

Luna’s Peace Organic:


Pina Colada – Floral:

Spiced Pear – Floral

Spring Cosmos:

Lavender Organic – Floral:50/100g

Premium Rose Bud – Floral: 50/100g

White Tea (multi steep)

Snow Buds: 50/100g

Silver Needles: 50/100g

White Peony: 50/100g

Scented White

Ginger White Organic:

Pomegranate Magnolia:

White Grape:

Yellow Tea

Sparrow’s Tongue Organic:
Available soon!

Chinese Oolong

Golden Bush: 50/100g

Money Picked: 50/100g

Phoenix Mountain: 50/100g

Scented Oolong

Apricot Peach:

Guava Melon:

About Us

We need secrets back right now. Now I’m not suggesting a revisit to the Dark Ages, but I do miss the days when life mysteries were left unsolved, with answers that couldn’t be “googled” from the back seat of the bus. All of which, is why I love tea. Despite a century’s worth of books and scholarly articles dedicated to explaining and capturing its essence, premium and honestly prepared loose-leaf tea remains an entity which must be experienced before appreciated. A cup of instant pleasure with subtleties that brings back labourers, artisans and bloggers alike, thirsting for more.

My aunt Maria, who founded the business in 2005, traveled the world from Germany to Japan in search of the highest quality loose-leaf. At Shaktea, not only do we take pride in selling and serving these teas, but also in creating a laid-back atmosphere for Vancouverites to enjoy it. So whether you’re catching up with a friend over a house-made topped crumpet, or fueling a night-time study session with an iced chai, there are plenty of ways to experience Shaktea. Try to keep it to yourself, though.

-Nathan Ma (Co-operator)


address: 3702 Main Street
(at the corner of East 21st Ave)
Vancouver, BC, V5V 3N7
phone number: (604) 873-5151
social media:
hours: Tue – Sat: 12 – 8.00pm
Sunday: 11am – 6:30pm
Mon: Closed

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